New gTLD Wishlist

Beginning early 2014, a whole new range of new Top-Level Domain (TLD) extensions will be launched, with hundreds of extensions coming your way. The Internet now offers targeted extensions in a variety of categories such as Sports, Technology, Services or Hobbies. Now you can get a domain name that better desribes you and your business.

The exact launch timeline for each New gTLD is still uncertain. Hence, it is recommended that you create a New gTLD Wishlist with Forte IT Solutions FZE at this stage. Forte IT Solutions FZE will keep track of the launch plan for every New gTLD, and notify you via email when pre-registrations for the chosen TLDs start.

Create and Maintain a Wishlist Though SuperSite 2

Creating a Wishlist

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Click the button in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click the Go to Supersite ยป link in the top right corner of the page.

  4. In the Menu, point to Domains and then click New Domain Extensions.

  5. Mention the string or name of your choice in the search field and then click the Search button.

  6. The next page will display your string with a list of TLDs for the chosen category.

  7. Click the Notify Me button adjacent to the domain name of your choice. You can select multiple domain names here.

    The selected domain names will now appear in the Notify me by email section.

  8. Click the Continue button.

  9. Specify the Customer Username and then click the Place your order button.

  10. Click the Confirm Order button to add the domain names to your Wishlist.

Managing a Wishlist

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Next, click

    For Resellers: Products -> Domain Registration -> New gTLD Wish-lists.

    For Customers: Manage Orders -> New gTLD Wish-list.

  3. This wiil list all the domain names in your Wishlist. You may further tweak these results by submitting one or more of the following parameters:

    • For Resellers: Belonging to: You can filter the list based on a domain name or a Customer or a Sub-Reseller. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu and mention either the domain name or the Customer ID or the Sub-Reseller ID.

      For Customers: Domain Names: You can search for a specific domain name.

    • TLD: Mention the TLDs here.

    • Added between: Select the Start Date and End Date to search within a specific date range.

    • Include Sub-Reseller's results: You can include Wishlist details belonging to your Sub-Resellers, by selecting this check box.

  4. If required, you may delete a domain name from the Wishlist by selecting the checkbox adjacent to it and clicking the Delete button.